Chronic Care Management

Here’s how it works.

Patient Enrollment occurs in the following ways:

CircleLink Ambassadors enroll eligible patients.

Patient enrolls at Integrated Wellness visit.

Patient enrolls at MD Office visits.

Chronic Care Team creates custom care plan

Chronic Care Team Registered Nurse, or your own staff, provides remote care

Chronic Care Team creates custom care plan

Chronic Care Team Registered Nurse, or your own staff, provides remote care

Medical practitioners can provide effective chronic care mamagement in the comfort of their office and maintain excellent patient care while retaining loyal patients and increasing revenues for the practice. Medical Edge Solutions Chronic Care Services leads to happier, healthier patients and creates a new revenue source for your practice.

Practitioner Partnerships

The principle service we provide is a process that allows medical practitioners to provide …..


Patients report nearly 90% therapy compliance using our Chronic Care Services

Providers Who Trust Our Medical Solutions


Improve health and earn additional revenue with CircleLink’s full-service solution.

Full-service solution

Enroll patients during regular office visits, CircleLink does the rest:

  • Care plans
  • 20 minutes of monthly care per patient from 100% registered nurse care coaches
  • Billing and compliance reporting
  • Circlelink Ambassadors enroll elegible clients

Clinical Features

Custom Care Plans from EHR Data

Instantly import existing patient data, or build a care plan from our templates in a snap


Patient Notes

Forward important or urgent notes to MDs and care team members with one click

Patient Progress Reports

Visualize patient progress for care team and patient feedback


Patient Vitals & Biometric Entry

Easily enter and track patients’ data

Administrative Features

Staff Time Reports

Efficiently manage your human resources

Chronic Care Management Time Reports

Ensure more patients receive proper remote care

Consulting from CCM experts at CircleLink

Benefit from our experience working with dozens of physicians covering tens of thousands of patients


Billing Reports

Easily identify which patients are eligible for CCM or other reimbursements

Automatic time tracking for CCM eligible activities

Eliminate effort counting and tallying remote care minutes

Proven Results and Engagement



A1c improvement (1.7% absolute change) versus control group



Of patients improved from detectable to undetectable viral loads

Irritable Bowel Syndrome


Over 80% patient engagement when prompted weekly or bi-weekly

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