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Established in 2004, Medical Edge Solutions has added value to the medical practice industry through its top-notch, cost-effective, and vetted medical products and services. 


We pride ourselves on having a highly competent team of certified billers and coders, credentialing and DME experts and clinical trainers committed to supporting medical and integrative offices by sourcing innovative products and protocols that promise the best clinical outcomes. Our comprehensive range of medical equipment encompasses diagnostic testing equipment, autonomic nervous system testing machines, c-arm X-ray equipment, and more. 


We win our customers by offering excellence critical to organizational success.


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From fall prevention to the early detection of peripheral neuropathy to non-surgical knee pain protocols, the information below is designed as an “at-a-glance” format to save you time.


The team at Medical Edge Solutions would love the opportunity to get your questions answered and help you add value to your practice and your bottom line.  Feel free to call us directly or fill out the contact form below.



2000+ Physicians

The Need For Fall Prevention Is Real!

According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC):
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29 % of seniors reported falling in the past 12 months
0 %
50 % of population are affected by balance or vestibular disorders sometimes during their lives.
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Falls are the leading cause of Fatal and Non-Fatal injuries in Seniors.
References: CDC, Morbidity & Mortality Weekly Report, September 23, 2016 & CDC, NHANES – Examination Survey, Updated 2001.

What is the VAT®-ENGplus™?

The VAT®-ENGplus™ allows physicians to test for central nervous system and peripheral vestibular involvement in just under 10 minutes.

Why test?

1 in 3 seniors fall each year and two-thirds of falls are preventable. You now have an opportunity to diagnose and recommend treatment/rehabilitation before a traumatic injury occurs.

Is this a simple test to perform?

Yes. A Medical Assistant typically performs this test. Typically this test takes 10 minutes and identifies vestibular dysfunction with a quick “at-a-glance” report generated at the end of the test.

The average reimbursement for most insurances is between $ 200.00 and $ 500.00 for the initial test and $ 100.00 to $ 200.00 for the follow up testing (5-minutes) in 30 days.

The VAT-ENG test is a wonderful screening test for my patients who I suspect to be at high risk for tripping and falling. I referred this test to my nephew in Brooklyn and he has since moved forward and is experiencing similar success. Highly recommended.”


Dr. Syamala Erramilli, MD
Internist, President – GAPI, Tucker, GA

Medical Edge Solutions Arthritis Relief Protocol

27 Million Americans Suffer from OA Knee Pain. This is a non-surgical approach used by hundreds of offices across the US to successfully provide an alternative option for their patients.

Patients Name: Joe


Patient presents with: Knee Pain (OA) and Breakthrough Pain after NSAIDs and an injection of corticosteroids



Consider a Non-Surgical Approach – The Arthritis Relief Protocol



This program is designed for a practice that does not yet offer Osteoarthritis treatment options as a component of their business model. This protocol offers near perfect patient outcomes and extraordinarily high patient satisfaction. Combining fluoroscopic guidance and specialized knee bracing, this is an ideal opportunity to present a non-surgical protocol to your patients. Medical Edge Solutions and their team of professionals are here to help you every step of the way. Your timing could not be better!



The Medical Edge Solutions team of professionals are here to help you cut your learning curve and guide you with support in:

Medical Edge Solutions Arthritis Relief Protocol

Work with a proven model:

Medical Edge Solutions is offering an innovative clinical business model focused on resolving the Osteoarthritic knee pain currently suffered by over 27 million elderly Americans.

Full support – Billing, Clinical Process, and Medical Supplies

Our program provides the equipment, training, DME credentialing, new paitient marketing and administrative support services necessary for any medical or integrated practice to succeed.

You are not alone…

With over 200 highly successful clients in 20 states, and growing, this protocol is producing multi-million dollar earners throughout the U.S.

Services & Supplies Provided With Each Package

Nationwide Positive Reviews From Physicians and Patients

What are the benefits of the TM Flow test?

The TM Flow is a user-friendly, non-invasive, 10-minute test with easy to interpret results.  TM Flow testing focuses on the early detection of chronic metabolic diseases, such as type 2 diabetes, vascular disease, and peripheral artery disease (PAD).


Additional benefits include:

User-friendly, non-invasivemedical test

7-10 minute test

Easy to interpret report

Allows provider to perform and bill for 3 CPT codes

Average Medicare Reimbursement $300

A Need for Proven Ancillary Services…

0 %

of revenue for primary care from ancillary services (Average) – IM & FP*


*Medical Economics, June 2021, Vol 98, Number 6

0 $

The loss between what private practice physicians earned in 2019 and 2020*

*Medical Economics, June 2021, Vol 98, Number 6

0 %
Average physician pay increase by implementing ancillary services

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