“For my patients presenting with dizziness, it’s so helpful to be able to check for possible Vestibular Dysfunction. The “at-a-glance” reports are easy to read simple to interpret. The VAT-ENG + is a much appreciated addition to my practice.

John Lentz III MD

Family Medicine, Georgia Medical Associates, Snellville, GA

“As a compliment to a normal cardiology checkup, the VAT/ENG Combo is useful in ruling out Vestibular Dysfunction as a possible cause of dizziness. This test is medically relevant and provides solid additional revenue to my practice. If you have a cardiology practice, take time to learn more. It’s worth the effort.”

Michael T. Morris II MD

Cardiology, Atlanta Vanguard Medical Associates Smyrna, GA

“The VAT-ENG test is a wonderful screening test for my patients who I suspect to be at high risk for tripping and falling. I referred this test to my nephew in Brooklyn and he has since moved forward and is experiencing similar success. Highly recommended.”

Dr. Syamala Erramilli, MD

Internist, Tucker, GA

“I have had the VATplus for over 4 years. This system has kept my doors open. And, they keep supporting us.”

Dr. Frederick K.

New York

“I am delighted with the VATplus/balance testing. The staff caught on right away and the clinical results are eye-opening.”

Dr. B. W.

New Jersey

“The VATplus allows me to differentiate between a Peripheral Vestibular disorder and a Central Nervous System disorder. It has been extremely beneficial to our business.”

Dr. Michael M.


“The billing for the VAT/ENG Combo was surprisingly simple. No prior authorizations were needed and all insurance companies reimbursed. Nice to see billing and reimbursements go so smoothly!”

Lakshmi Mandavilli

Owner – CEO, MedRoi Medical Billing Service

“Most physicians have been disappointed at some time with medical equipment. Either the reimbursement has not been as stated or the equipment didn’t work as well as promoted. Before moving forward with a 2nd unit for my second office, I wanted to know that it truly benefitted my patients and the billing worked. After 90 days, I had a 2nd VAT Plus Combo installed and recommended the test to my sister in Houston, who moved forward as well. I strongly encourage any office to take a closer look at this test. It worked for me.”

Dr. Safia Pirani, MD

Primary Care Doctor, Duluth, GA