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Frequently Asked Questions

Why screen with the VAT®ENGplus™?

33% of seniors fall annually. Screening helps identify those patients that are likely to fall before they suffer a serious fall-related injury.

Why test with the VAT®ENGplus™?

Most patients that suffer from vestibular dysfunction are asymptomatic. Inner ear disorders are the leading cause of falls. Effective treatments exist for balance and dizziness issues when correctly diagnosed.

How long do the tests take to complete? When do we get the results?

The tests take approximately 15 – 20 minutes. All tests provide immediate results that are simple to interpret.

Who can perform?

Typically, an Medical Assistant will perform the tests as well as printout the results and data interpretation.

Is training provided and how long does it take?

Test training generally takes a few hours. On the day of the training, the office will be provided a step-by-step training manual that can be followed even without training.

What is included with the VAT®ENGplus™?

All systems come in a portable carrying case that can be transported between rooms and offices if needed. The VAT®ENGplus™ comes complete with a laptop, printer and enough electrode supplies for up to 40 tests.

What is the cost for disposables per test?

Electrodes costs approximately $3.50 per patient per test. They can purchased through us or through your medical supply company.

Can I retest?

Yes, you have the option of re-testing after treatments/rehabilitation have been completed – generally after 30 days.

Does this utilize VNG and/or Calorics?

No, the systems that we offer do not require VNG or Calorics. You do have the ability to do Caloric testing with the software that comes with the system if you chose to do so.

How long has the VAT®ENGplus™ system been in use?

The VAT®ENGplus™ was developed and introduced to the market in 1992.