Turnkey Knee Pain Treatment Programs

Medical Edge Solutions is offering an innovative clinical business model focused on resolving the Osteoarthritic knee pain currently suffered by over 27 million elderly Americans.

Our program provides the equipment, training, new patient marketing, and administrative support services necessary for any medical or integrated practice to succeed in this area of practice.

With over 200 highly successful clients in 20 states, and growing, this program is producing multi-million dollar earners throughout the U.S.

The Opportunity for Knee Therapy


The number of total knee arthroplasty (TKA) surgeries more than tripled between 1993 and 2009. A study appearing in the 2014 June Journal of Bone and Joint Surgery (JBJS) found that an increase in the prevalence of overweight and obesity in the U.S. accounted for 95 percent of the higher demand for knee replacements, with younger patients affected to a greater degree.

An estimated 22.7% (52.5 million) of U.S. adults reported doctor-diagnosed arthritis, including 49.7% of adults aged ≥65 years. *

Even worse; 719,000 total knee replacement surgeries were performed in the United States in 2010 alone, up by 43,000 over 2009 figures. **

Latest Technology

As part of our practice model, we train our clients on the most technologically advanced non-surgical solutions and equipment. These devices, combined with our clinical protocols, can offer you a solution proven to be highly effective and drive new patient flow.



Designed for the clinician that already has an established practice but does not yet offer Osteoarthritis treatment options as a component of their business model. These equipment packages include the hardware needed for the OA Program. Once an equipment package is purchased, SMC provides the necessary marketing, training, supplies and even physician staffing, DME and Medicare accreditation services, if needed.



With the addition of fluoroscopic guidance gain the ability to offer arthrogram diagnostic procedures for increased accuracy of injection placement and added case profitability, as well as digital x-ray in a fully portable platform. Ideal for the provider with multiple locations, or that performs rounds in hospital or facility.


OrthoScan Mobile DI

OrthoScan Mobile DI – Multi use portable fluoroscopy and x-ray including applicable accessories, training, and installation with full one year parts and labor warranty.


MediLuxe Rx4-2000

MediLuxe Rx4-2000 – An optional medical grade procedure table/chair.



  • Two-Day In-Practice Clinical Training
  • All necessary forms, scripts, etc… to operate the business model
  • 20 ( 10 Left/10 Right) SMC OAide-3000 Single Hinge Knee Unloading Braces
  • Basic Supplies start-up inventory, including syringes, needles, sterile supplies, etc.
  • Clinic operations manual-step-by-step guide to establish & run a profitable OA practice
  • One year of clinical & business coaching from our experienced team of experts & clinicians
  • Reduced wholesale pricing on clinical supplies, Supartz & more!

Two-Day In-Practice Clinical Training Details

Our team schedules time to visit your practice and preplan one non-patient care day in which general learning will be achieved, as well as one active patient care day of shadowing live treatments and performing live treatments yourself. Billing/coding training scheduled. For your in-office training, our team coordinates with your medical departments, plus your billing/coding staff, to time training modules around their workload and insures the clinic is set up and ready for each protocol training module.

Package price subject to change at any time without prior notification. Leasing options available. Occasionally, equipment substitutions may be proposed, and the pricing adjusted accordingly.

Providers Who Trust Our Medical Solutions

200 highly successful clients in 20 states


(52.5 million) of U.S. adults reported doctor-diagnosed arthritis, including 49.7% of adults aged ≥65 years.


Increase in the prevalence of overweight and obesity in the U.S. accounting for 95 percent of the higher demand for knee replacements


63% of the patients who receive a total knee replacement are women.

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“Most physicians have been disappointed at some time with medical equipment. Either the reimbursement has not been as stated or the equipment didn’t work as well as promoted. Before moving forward with a 2nd unit for my second office, I wanted to know that it truly benefitted my patients and the billing worked. After 90 days, I had a 2nd VAT Plus Combo installed and recommended the test to my sister in Houston, who moved forward as well. I strongly encourage any office to take a closer look at this test. It worked for me.”

Dr. Safia Pirani, MD

Primary Care Doctor, Duluth, GA

“As a compliment to a normal cardiology checkup, the VAT/ENG Combo is useful in ruling out Vestibular Dysfunction as a possible cause of dizziness. This test is medically relevant and provides solid additional revenue to my practice. If you have a cardiology practice, take time to learn more. It’s worth the effort.”

Michael T. Morris II MD

Cardiology, Atlanta Vanguard Medical Associates Smyrna, GA

“For my patients presenting with dizziness, it’s so helpful to be able to check for possible Vestibular Dysfunction. The “at-a-glance” reports are easy to read simple to interpret. The VAT-ENG + is a much appreciated addition to my practice.

John Lentz III MD

Family Medicine, Georgia Medical Associates, Snellville, GA


Average physician pay increase by implementing ancillary services

“The VATplus allows me to differentiate between a Peripheral Vestibular disorder and a Central Nervous System disorder. It has been extremely beneficial to our business.”

Dr. Michael M.


“I am delighted with the VATplus/balance testing. The staff caught on right away and the clinical results are eye-opening.”

Dr. B. W.

New Jersey

“I have had the VATplus for over 4 years. This system has kept my doors open. And, they keep supporting us.”

Dr. Frederick K.

New York

“The VAT-ENG test is a wonderful screening test for my patients who I suspect to be at high risk for tripping and falling. I referred this test to my nephew in Brooklyn and he has since moved forward and is experiencing similar success. Highly recommended.”

Dr. Syamala Erramilli, MD

Internist, Tucker, GA

“The billing for the VAT/ENG Combo was surprisingly simple. No prior authorizations were needed and all insurance companies reimbursed. Nice to see billing and reimbursements go so smoothly!”

Lakshmi Mandavilli

Owner – CEO, MedRoi Medical Billing Service

Nationwide Positive Reviews From Physicians and Patients

“I’ve had several falls in the past 18 months. After doing this test, my doctor said I was at high risk for having another fall. So I did the therapy and retested after 30 days. He showed me on the chart how my eyes were now moving at 100 %. I found it amazing. Anything I can do to decrease my risk of falling is a good thing. Thank you!”

Patient: Mark B.

“I am delighted with the VATplus/balance testing. The staff caught on right away and the clinical results are eye-opening.”

Dr. B. W.

New Jersey

Lisa M. – “I’ve been challenged with dizziness for years and the doctors just could not figure out what was happening. My doctor did this test on me and gave me some eye exercises to do. In a few weeks, I felt SO much better. The exercises worked for me! I greatly appreciated this test.”

Patient: Lisa M.


Revenue Generated: Series of 5 Injections, 20 Physical Therapy Visits, & DME


The program consists of fluoroscopic guided injections of Hyaluronic Acid, targeted physical therapy, and an unloading knee brace. An estimated breakdown of a typical bilateral course of care is outlined below. Reimbursement figures are based upon national average Medicare allowable fee schedule.

Initial Examination and X-Ray


Initial Arthrogram with Report


Fluoroscopic Guided HA Injections


Physical Therapy


Unloading Knee Brace


Suspension Sleeve (addition to knee brace)


Total Average Case Fee


Combined Average – (80/20) Medicare Allowable


These figures are based upon Medicare allowable reimbursements and do not account for secondary insurance payments, major medical policies, or any other third-party payment possibilities. As such these estimates are highly conservative and grossly underestimate the true earning potential of the business model.

Using these conservative figures and operating under the assumption that our average client generates 20 or more cases monthly from their client database…


*Using the above scenarios, actual results are dependent on your practice's medical demand.

In addition, revenue will also be generated through prescription of additional DME (Durable Medical Equipment) products such as assisted walking devices, EMS (Electrical Muscle Stimulation), conductive garments, and more.





All programs are designed to provide the purchaser with a complete turn-key business system. This includes everything needed to duplicate the formula for success we have developed in dozens of Beta sites, over many years, across the U.S. That said, we understand that each practice and each client is unique and there is no such things as a “one-size-fits-all” solution. Because of this we offer a variety of equipment packages and include marketing, training and supplies designed to address a wide range of needs.





Paramount to the success of any health care business model are patient outcomes and patient satisfaction. This is the driving force behind long-term success as well as “word-of-mouth” referral business.

We have developed a clinical model that offers near perfect patient out-comes and extraordinarily high patient satisfaction. It is imperative to understand how to bill, code, collect for services provided, how to run daily operations and perform the protocol. And of course driving quality new patient flow consistently and on budget is also a necessary component to any successful practice formula. We train clinicians from around the world in this model and provide the following modules:




Learn when different brands and formulas of Hyaluronic Acid supplements are clinically indicated for use. When to add Cortisone, PRP Therapy, Stem Cells and other additives to the injection plan to improve clinical outcomes.


Become educated in the use of fluoroscopic guidance the Orthoscan Mobile DI and how to perform an arthrogram. Profitability and related billing and coding guidelines will also be covered.


Learn to read MRI and x-ray films of osteoarthritic patients and to identify key clinical factors that indicate and contraindicate care. Establishing medical necessity will be demonstrated, as well as what DME products and additional ancillary care options can be implemented and what clinical and fiscal advantages they offer.

Care Plans

How to establish and deliver complete clinical care plans through effective report of findings and salesmanship will be discussed. Post-injection therapy options and hands-on training in the clinical delivery of attended and non-attended physical therapy modalities provided.