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TM Flow System

TM Flow system helps early detection and follow-up of complications (autonomic nervous system & vascular system) of chronic metabolic diseases such as Diabetes.

Medical Edge Solutions is a leading TM Flow System provider that sources the best TM Flow machines and diagnostic testing equipment. The TM Flow System price includes the following tests to determine these clinical outcomes and includes:
  • Sudomotor function tests – using sympathetic skin response
  • Photo-plethysmography analysis – using an oximeter. This includes heart rate variability analysis and spectral analysis of the oximeter waveform.
  • Cardiac Autonomic Reflex Tests or EWING Tests: which include the Valsalva maneuver, deep breathing exercises, postural changes
  • Ankle Brachial Index (ABI) measurement using PPG
User-friendly,Non-invasivemedical test
7-10 minutetest
Easy to interpret report
Allows provider to perform and bill for 3 CPT codes

Average Medicare Reimbursement $300

An image of a TM Flow System

Autonomic, Vascular and Cardiometabolic Risk Assessments

Autonomic, Vascular and Cardiometabolic Risk Assessments

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