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Our Guiding Principles

About Medical Edge Solutions…

Medical Edge Solutions values long-term relationships with our clients.  We’ve been serving the medical community for over 20 years focusing on providing vetted, medically relevant products and services reimbursed through major insurance carriers.

Our team consists of a network of certified and experienced billers and coders, credentialing and DME experts, and clinical trainers all dedicated to helping medical and integrative offices experience the best possible clinical outcome with our products and protocols.  We believe that support, accessibility, compliance, and respect are foundational in how we operate our day-to-day activities.


SUPPORT – that we strive to be available as needed and work to provide the needed answers to questions as they come up.


ACCESSIBILITY – that you are only one call away from getting your questions answered and yes, that you actually get a person answering the phone when you call us.


COMPLIANCE – that in everything we do, that we remain compliant in all areas of healthcare.


RESPECT –Your business is important to you and us.  And if we are communicating with you, we want to respect you and your time.  We see ourselves as guests at your office.   And it is a privilege we do not take lightly.

Time Tested Solutions

Currently, our top two solutions are the VAT-ENG COMBO for patients prone to dizziness, tripping and falling and Chronic Care Management through Circle Link. Our programs come with 360° support and significantly add value to both the patient and the office.

We know that when we meet a new customer, both the quality of care for the patient and the revenue for the office can improve in a significant way with these 2 programs.

About Paul Svetz

With 25 + years in the medical field, Paul Svetz has learned that physicians are first-and-foremost dedicated to the patient. Paul has worked for Fortune 100 companies like Astra-Zeneca and Merck and has partnered with companies like Pfizer both as a representative and District Manager. With this experience Paul has noticed that reimbursements for most physicians have diminished.
“Over the years I have seen a trend of diminishing reimbursements for physicians in a variety of specialties. I founded Medical Edge Solutions to create a safe space for physicians to identify the best-in-class in ancillary medical reimbursement to a practice. The formula is simple. Find ways to better care for the patient with a service or product that reimburses well. We don’t focus on all. We focus on the best. I’d invite any physician office to set a time to speak with us further. I’m confident we can help them.”
Paul and his wife Marcie live in Buford, GA with 3 children. In his free time Paul enjoys spending time with his family. His hobbies include fishing, golf, and scuba diving. Paul attends 12stone church in Buford GA.